Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No, You Stop Bitching And Start a Revolution

If you've walked down 7th Street in our nation's capital, you've probably seen the guys and gals selling t-shirts imploring that we all "Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution." Now, I'm for a revolution as much as the next guy. Had I been around during the Colonial period and been soaked with slightly higher, but historically reasonable taxes, and a legislature that wasn't not completely representative of my interests, I would have joined the call to arms. So my problem is not with wide-scale social change. It is merely that these people fail to see the irony of their position. They are selling shirts that tell us to "stop bitching," but that's all they're doing-- bitching about buying t-shirts.

Perhaps they are using the proceeds from the t-shirts to start the revolution. But I don't think revolutions are that cheap. If you could start a revolution merely from the proceeds of t-shirt sales, Hanes would already be our overlord.

And actually, revolutions are mostly about bitching. Common Sense: mostly just bitching about stuff. The Declaration of Independence: bitching to King George III.

So t-shirts, you have not convinced me. Hug that out, bitch.


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DC Food Blog said...

Hi there-- you can read more about them by googling Zendik Farms. Yeah, a revolution where you join a cult and then beg for money on the streets to take back to your leader who tells you who to sleep with. SOunds great. I love your analysis BTW, J